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When you create space in your life — while it may feel scary or lonely for a while — you are also giving the Universe an opportunity to bring you new things.

Ask Yourself This Question Right Now – It Will Change Your Life Forever (Inspiring Speech)

I was operating under the old paradigm most of us are taught — that you are alone in this world, you have to fight to survive, and everything rests on your small shoulders. I woke up to the fact that I was the Universe expressing itself as a human for a little while, which meant that I could rely on the Universe to support me in life. This, my friend, changed everything. I started noticing synchronicity and miracles on more frequent basis, which grew my faith in the unseen world even more. A kick ass divine team with my higher self and life where I am constantly co-creating a beautiful life.

For example, one of my habits is doing yoga. When I do yoga in the morning, it makes me feel sparkling and alive. But it also seems to naturally influence me to eat healthier foods, go to bed on time, focus better on my work, and stay more present. On the other hand, another one of my habits is washing my hair on Fridays. Or reading before bed.

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Or going to dance class. I can always skip them.

How To Change Your Life (Really)

When you make these things a non-negotiable part of your routine, you change and therefore your whole life changes quite naturally as a result. A few years ago, I had just ended an 8 year relationship with the wrong man. I had also realised that my career, friendship circle, health and mindset were all wrong too.

I woke up and realised I was in the totally wrong life for me. I did not have a close relationship with myself! Think about it — how often do we check in with the news, our friends on Facebook, work colleagues, the weather report, our Instagram feed — and yet fail to check in with ourselves? Our soul? Our beliefs? Our fears? Our deepest desires? So I started the beautiful journey of going within for answers instead of looking to other people for answers to my questions or to blame for my problems.

I took myself on a brunch date every weekend where I would read over my philosophy notes, write, journal and dream. I start to journal about my thoughts, feelings, fears and desires. After a while, I started to receive guidance and answers from my soul self; the wiser part of me.

I learnt to tune into my intuition to see what decisions felt right for me, instead of only relying on my limited rational mind. I also learnt to check in with my feelings throughout the day, to see if I needed help, assistance, support or to change my attitude and vibration to a more positive state. Anyone who knows me, should learn to know me again. For I am like the Moon, you will see me with a new face everyday. It touches on something that few of us know. We are free to change who we are.

To cut a long story short, I started to use the power of language and gratitude to rewire my brain and improve my beliefs about myself.

I also started using affirmations and mantras to create new grooves of thought in my mind to override old limiting beliefs. I also started noticing when I was in a happy or peaceful mood, and deliberately allowed myself to enjoy and extend the feeling for longer periods of time. The culmination of all these things created big changes in my default state of mind and being.

This in turn changed my behaviours and my life. Rather than just meditating in the morning and then going unconscious for the rest of the day, I started to incorporate mindfulness into my daily life. I would pause between activities and take a deep breath. I would notice my feet connecting with the ground as I walked.

Start Every Day Like This and Your Life Will Change Forever! The Perfect Morning Routine!

I would pay full attention to whatever I was doing — cooking, listening to someone, showering, or doing the washing up. One of the biggest reasons we find it so hard to change is because many of our unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours are stored in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is like a computer hard drive.

The One Question That Could Change Your Life Forever

It is filled with all of our most used thoughts which become our beliefs , our most common emotional states, and our most common habits and reactions. When we go through our day on autopilot with a low level of awareness or attention, our subconscious mind takes over and begins running our old programs. Then we kick ourselves for making the same mistakes over and over! By becoming more mindful and present, I was able to notice my old limiting beliefs and disempowering behaviours when they popped up — and being aware of them gave me the power to pause and practice choosing a different response.

Being more present each day also greatly increased my sense of happiness and joy, because I was finally connecting with the beauty and aliveness of life, instead of being lost in my head, re-hashing the past or worrying about the future. I was terrified of leaving my 8 year relationship and worried if I would end up alone — but I just did it.

I was terrified of giving my first live talk on self-help and philosophy in Sydney and my heart was beating through my chest — but I just did it. I had no idea how to start a website or create a business or create an email list — but I just did it.

Or your ego mind will convince you that you have to feel ready and confident before you begin — when the truth is confidence comes FROM doing things outside your comfort zone despite your fear and uncertainty. I learned that fear is not a stop sign and sometimes the biggest transformations and miracles are to be found outside of your current safe and known routine and life. The Pokemon Go players are a great analogy — the further they travel from their same-old same-old home and route, the more Pokemon they catch presumably!

I hope that helps beautiful soul! There are many more ways to change your life — but this will give you a great place to begin. Want to learn a practical step-by-step process to get into alignment, upgrade your mindset, and manifest your desires? The Manifesting Course is open now. Save Save. Your email address will not be published.

Facebook Instagram Pinterest. Check your email for your free resources. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Just make sure you act small. Put in the work and stay practical. All you need is one big win anyway. But when you aim low, the outcome is always low. Remember this: A problem is nothing but an unanswered question. So stay calm. And figure out the answer.

22 Microhabits That Will Completely Change Your Life In A Year

Here are some wrong reasons to be in a relationship: Money, fear of being alone, abuse, needing attention. Love has no opposite. The foundation of all relationships should be based on: Love, respect, support, trust, patience, good company, laughter, sadness, and more support. No matter how you spin it, you always pay for something with money, time the most valuable thing you have , or other resources.

Life is business. And smart business people spend their resources wisely. Be calculated. Never waste resources especially time. Get your act together, and decide firmly whenever you have to make one. And when you made the wrong decision, apologize, and make another decision. You can be a leader at work, and a follower at home. And being a leader also has nothing to do with your title.

I Have 15 ideas To Change Your Life. Do you Have 5 Minutes?

You know what is wrong? When everyone looks at each other because no one wants to take responsibility. Decide that you will take responsibility. Just make sure you value effectiveness over everything.

10 Books That Will Change How You Live Your Life Forever

Results matter. Get things done and move on to the next thing. Everyone is a salesperson. When you sell, be transparent, honest, and to the point. You only improve your self-confidence by becoming good at something. How do you get good?