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I promise you, you can take back control of your thoughts and turn that voice inside your head into a positive influence. Get it out One of the reasons I write these blogs is to help others, but it turns out it also helps me by writing things down and getting thoughts out of my head. Writing really is therapeutic.

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At least then it is outside of my head. I also love animals, so just being around them can instantly make me smile.

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Replace any bad thoughts in your head with positive ones I have to actually boss my brain sometimes — tell myself that I am in control of what goes on inside my head. Focus on what you want in your life What do you really want to achieve in your life? I want to be successful. Intense thinkers are, more often than not, obsessors.

Living Inside My Head

We obsess. When your life is on the up and up, staying in the right mindset is easy. Not necessarily more deeply, but definitely more intensely. Falling in love is in itself, partially, an obsession. When it comes to love, those of us who are already prone to obsessing will obsess two-fold. This can be an incredible thing, as it allows for an intense and passionate romantic love experience. You like your alone time -- clearly -- yet spending so much time alone in your head makes finding people to be with -- people you need to be with -- difficult.

Relationships take time to build, as well as time to maintain.

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This one is a bit difficult to put into words. If you meditate and focus, the combination of living within your head and in the world outside it, will allow you to create incredible things.

Meditation will ground you and allow you to feel more as if you are part of what's going on around you. You see, thinking is great, but you need to have things to think about. Helping others helps you because it forces you get out of your own schtick and focus on something outside yourself.

Try asking someone who looks down if they need to talk.


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If you find yourself spinning a thought around in your head, try to stop and investigate it. Notice what it feels like, what sparked it if you can , and how your body feels in response to it. Often, just observing it curiously can make it much less scary. The letting-go part is, of course, the hard one, but with practice, it can happen.

And then your thoughts lose their power over you. So if you find yourself in an endless cycle of rumination, step back and try one of these methods. Can you imagine doing a search on an iPhone with no network connection?

Living Inside My Head

I fell into writing about health shortly after grad school, where I realized I didn't want to work in a lab for the rest of my life! My main areas of interest are the br Alice G. Man thinking on a train journey.